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New Federal Regulations for Commercial Drivers Signed into Law

January 30, 2012 by General No Comments
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Under new federal regulations, individuals who have or who are seeking a Pennsylvania commercial driver’s license must report the type of driving they do and provide a copy of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate to the Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

The General Assembly passed a bill enabling the federal regulations to take effect in Pennsylvania.  Gov. Tom Corbett signed the bill on Jan. 27.

Current CDL permit holders, out-of-state CDL transferees and people seeking a CDL on or after Jan. 30 will be required to meet the provisions of the new law when testing, applying for a permit or transfering a CDL from another state.

Form DL-11CD – Self Certification Form allows a driver to report an initial self-certification or to change a previously reported self-certification. Instructions on the back of the form describe the four types of driving that must be reported.

PennDOT will begin notifying existing CDL holders by letter in March of the requirements they will need to meet to retain their CDLs. Failure to complete and submit the self-certification form or to provide a copy of their valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate (if required) to PennDOT by the due date listed in the notice will result in their commercial driver’s license being downgraded. This means that they will lose their commercial designation and only be authorized to drive non-commercial vehicles.

Drivers who have their license downgraded will be required to go through the entire commercial learner’s permit process to regain their commercial driving privileges.

More information is available on PennDOT’s Web site at


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